GUNN & MOORE Mogul F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat Review

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UNN & MOORE Mogul F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat Review

The cricket bat is an important component of the sport. The sizable range of options for customers can make cricket bat selection confusing. But it is crucial that the cricketer is comfortable with the bat he is playing with so he will have plenty of confidence in his skills.

If you are looking for a good cricket bat and need more options and information, in this article, we are going to tackle the UNN & MOORE Mogul F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat and the factors you should consider when looking to find a good bat.


  • GM F4.5 technology
  • Big bat design has flatter face and gives way to enhanced spin control
  • Made with high-quality unbleached, Grade 2 English willow
  • Has sizable swell
  • Extended sweet spot
  • Power arc bow
  • Includes concaved back silhouette
  • Toetek protector to minimize the damage and feathering
  • GM DriGuard
  • GM Now finish to resist swelling, breaking, cracking and moisture
  • Made in England


There are plenty of varying factors that will influence the kind of bat a cricketer uses. There are many models available these days but it does not mean that you should buy the first cricket bat that you see in a sports shop.Bats like UNN & MOORE Mogul F4.5 DXM are well-crafted and made from prime material; this bat is a product of diligent research.

However, not all bats have the same quality as this part product. Thus, you should remember some essential factors when looking for a bat that will reflect your abilities and style of play.

Cricket bats can be found in a selection of sizes from size 1 to long handle models. Bats for adults or advanced players often come in short and long handles, while those meant for junior and beginning players are grouped by ascending numbers; junior sizes 1-4 are suggested for entry-level skills.

Bats are also available in Harrow sizes to connect the difference between junior and adult (advanced) senior bats. These bats are often ideal for kids ages 12-14 years old before they progress enough to break onto the senior cricket scene.

This model from UNN and MOORE is the short-handle type; therefore, it is meant for advanced use. Weight is also crucial when it comes to cricket bats.

A model that is too light will not allow the batsman to come up with sufficient power to clear a hit, while a bat that is too heavy might prove to be a challenge to a cricketer when it comes to his shots. Many junior sizes include a consistent weight and are built to complement and represent the height and strength of the batsman.

Bats like this one from UNN and MOORE provide a broader range of weights to better accommodate a player’s individual preferences. Lightweight bats often begin at 2 lbs. 6 oz. while the heavier bats weigh in at 3 lbs. 10 oz. Aggressive players often opt for the latter, while stroke players often choose the former.

Another factor to consider is the balance and pickup of the product. Pickup means the way the bat feels comparative to its overall weight in the bat swing’s back lift.

A model with excellent pickup lets an individual utilize a moderately heavier bat as the mass of the wood is correctly dispersed with the middle in the appropriate location.

Hence it is important that the product provides a great sweet spot, or middle, that gives sufficient power to guarantee scoring runs; the F4.5 DXM has an extended sweet spot which means loads of power for the batsman.

Lastly, you should consider the material. This product is made with quality English willow, and produced at the company’s factory in England.

The extra research that has gone into producing the bat guarantees that what you have in your hands is a top-notch product.


The product has not received any unsatisfactory comments from costumers in online retail site reviews.


The UNN & MOORE Mogul F4.5 DXM 808 Cricket Bat is highly recommended if you play senior cricket and need more power when it comes to hitting the ball.