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Welcome to Smash Sports Cricket – The home of reviews and information on the latest cricket bats on the market. Review best cricket bats before you buy.

Our site exists to help you ahead of your next cricket bat investment. We provide cricket bat reviews and piece together information on cricket bats, the ranges from each brand and include tips and tricks on how to review cricket bats for a range of different styles of play.

There is nothing like getting a feel for a cricket bat before you buy one, but helping you narrow down what bats are available and have the features you want is why we provide online cricket bat reviews here at Smash Sports.

With cricket bats coming with so many options, you might want to review different grades of willow, different handle shapes, the size of the sweet-spot, the balance of the cricket bat and loads of other factors of cricket bat reviews which will be suitable for your game.

Our cricket bat review articles are split between individual cricket bat reviews and complete overviews of cricket bat brands and their range of cricket bats. With each we hope to provide information in the cricket bat reviews which you can use to shortlist your favourites.

Navigate directly to some of our cricket bat reviews above, or click to visit the home page of all the reviews and articles.

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