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Newbery The Master 100 Player Cricket Bat (2023) review

As an Englishman, standing at the crease with a Newbery bat feels right. Handcrafted, classy design and quality willow makes me confident I face the next ball with a ally in hand.

However because of the quality this maker displays, often its hard to review Newbery cricket bats for us Sunday players to seriously consider purchasing at north of £500. So given the opportunity to review Newbery Master 100 Player Cricket bat, I had to jump at the chance.

Quality at an affordable price

At less that £400 online at shops like, the Newbery Master 100 Player Cricket Bat review is justifiable to most club cricketers for their summer weekend fun.

Given the quality and history in Newbery making bats, the Master 100 Player cricket bat really does allow you to be in possession of a piece of quality for an affordable price.

Not just a piece of wood, The Master 100 Player cricket bat review

The Newbery The Master 100 Player cricket bat review is a tribute to the brand’s rich history, offering a modern take on a classic design. Here’s a breakdown of its key features and how it might perform for you:

Newbery The Master 100 Player cricket bat review

Heritage with a Modern Twist:

  • Hand-crafted in England: This bat boasts the traditional craftsmanship Newbery is known for, ensuring quality and a unique feel.
  • Reserve Player Grade English Willow: Expect good pick-up and a decent break-in period for a balance of power and control.
  • Full Profile with Wide Sweet Spot: This classic profile offers a larger hitting area for more consistent timing and powerful shots.
  • Classic Full Spine: The long spine promotes exceptional weight distribution, leading to a well-balanced feel and improved bat control.
  • Mid-to-Low Sweet Spot: Ideal for all-round players, this sweet spot allows for good stroke play and powerful drives.

Performance for Experienced Players:

The Master 100 Player caters to intermediate and experienced cricketers. The mid-to-low sweet spot demands a bit more technique to find consistently, but rewards clean timing with powerful shots. The Reserve Player Grade willow offers a good balance between performance and affordability, making it a great option for players looking to upgrade their bat.

Things to Consider:

  • Break-in Period: As with most English willow bats, expect a break-in period to achieve optimal performance.
  • Playing Style: This bat is ideal for players who value balance and control, but might not be the best choice for those who prioritize raw power.
  • Price: The Master 100 Player sits in a mid-range price point, offering good value for its features and craftsmanship.


The Newbery The Master 100 Player cricket bat review is a well-crafted option for experienced players seeking a balanced bat with a classic feel. The wide sweet spot and traditional design offer consistency and power for all-round play. If you’re looking for a bat that honors cricketing heritage with modern performance, the Master 100 Player is definitely worth considering.