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Review of the New Balance TC 1060 cricket bat

New Balance TC 1060 Cricket Bat: A Review for Traditional Players

The New Balance TC 1060 cricket bat has been a popular choice for players of all levels since its release, particularly resonating with those who favour a classic batting style. Endorsed by England Test captain Joe Root himself, this bat promises a blend of power and precision, catering to batsmen who like to build innings and score through the field. In this review, we’ll delve into its key features, performance, and potential drawbacks to help you decide if the TC 1060 is the right fit for your game. This Review of the New Balance TC 1060 cricket bat will give you the low down:

Construction and Design:

The TC 1060 boasts a Grade 2 English Willow construction, known for its durability and balance. The mid-swell profile offers a large sweet spot, ideal for generating clean power on well-timed shots. The six-piece Singapore cane handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip, crucial for precise shot control. Additionally, the bat comes equipped with a black toe guard for added protection and a blue/black/red/white grip for enhanced aesthetics.



  • Excellent pick-up: The lightweight design and balanced profile make the bat easy to maneuver, allowing for quick wristy flicks and deft touches.
  • Powerful strokeplay: The large sweet spot provides a satisfying ping on clean hits, generating good power for boundaries and strong drives.
  • Control and precision: The comfortable handle and balanced weight enable precise shot placement, ideal for playing through the covers and manipulating the field.
  • Durability: The Grade 2 willow construction offers good resilience against wear and tear, ensuring the bat lasts for multiple seasons.


  • Limited forgiveness: The mid-swell profile might not be as forgiving as bats with wider sweet spots, potentially resulting in more mishits for less experienced players.
  • Less power-oriented: Compared to some modern bats, the TC 1060 might not offer the same explosive power for big hitters who prioritize maximum distance.


The New Balance TC 1060 is a well-crafted bat that caters to traditional batsmen who value control, precision, and a balanced performance. The comfortable handle, large sweet spot, and lightweight design make it ideal for players who enjoy building an innings and scoring through the field. However, those seeking maximum power or needing more forgiveness on mishits might want to consider bats with different profiles or willow grades.

Overall, the New Balance TC 1060 is a solid choice for cricketers who prefer a classic batting style and prioritize controlled strokeplay. Its blend of performance, comfort, and durability makes it a valuable asset for players looking to hone their skills and build their game.

Additional factors to consider:

  • Your batting style and preferences: Are you a traditional player who values control and precision, or do you prioritize power and explosiveness?
  • Your skill level: The TC 1060 might be less forgiving for beginners compared to bats with wider sweet spots.
  • Your budget: The TC 1060 sits in the mid-range price bracket, but there are more affordable and expensive options available depending on your budget.

After you’ve completed your review of the New Balance TC 1060 Cricket Bat we recommend trying out the bat in person, if possible, to get a feel for its weight, balance, and pick-up before making a purchase. Remember, the best bat is the one that suits your individual playing style and preferences.

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And check out this video of Joe Root in action with his New Balance Cricket bat:

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